Stonegroup | Our Businesses
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Our Businesses

STGW Solution Sdn. Bhd.

STGW Solution Sdn. Bhd. is a business solution consultancy company incorporated since 2016 under the 1965 Companies’ Act. Founded by a group of business specialists, business solutions are the forte of STGW, as they tailor their solutions according to your business strategies and objectives.  The company aspires to heighten the value and performance of your business with innovative technologies for others to view you as a strong and sustainable competition.

JSP Management Pte Ltd  

JSP Management Pte Ltd is an information technology consulting company that endows an extensive range of technical solutions with the intention to increase our customer’s effectiveness and business productivity. Integration of Business InformationTechnology within a corporate environment is our specialty and therefore our goal is to assist our clients by deciphering complex business and technology challenges, followed by a comprehensive range of Information Technology consulting service.

FX Operator Pte Ltd

FX Operator is a special interest vertical media company founded in 2006 and incorporated in Singapore in 2007. The private companyfocused on Forex trading and serves its special interest network online including forums, blogs, and informational sites. By providing imperative technology and leadership, FX Operator maintains and grows these vertical communities ensuring they turn into valuable resources for both traders and brokers. Ultimately, the company strives to connect members with constructive and relevant services and brands.

Stone Estate Sdn. Bhd.

Stone Estate Sdn Bhd is a one-stop-solution property management provider existing to facilitate you with various property related tasks such as purchasing, listing for sale and overseeing the management of your investment properties and commercial rental properties.To take things further, Stone Estate also works with your board of directors in managing your condominium or homeowner’s association, truly your full-service property manager.