Stonegroup | About Us
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About Us

Stonegroup is one of the fastest growing enterprises with diversified interests in resources and management developments. The company was founded by a group of business specialists with more than 20 years of experience in multiple global industries. Stonegroup specializes in providing customized business solutions according to your goals, objectives and strategies in all fields of technology development and innovation including IT development, marketing, real estate and asset management. With network business now rapidly setting foot on various countries, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and other Asia countries have increasing demands for our services. With that being said, Stonegroup strives for the best and continues to seek improvement and expansion constantly, making every effort to be the most potential company appealing to both local and oversea investors with the partnership of strategic alliance. This helps to strengthen and build our distinctive branding with incredible values and at the end of the day, nothing matters more than our thirst and hunger to always provide excellent services and a unique experience to all clients through our professional and passionate teams.




With the vision to provide world-class products and services in all operations, Stonegroup aims to be the leading and go-to conglomerate in the region for all financial services, investment, IT programming and asset management, showing results by delivering profitability.


Our mission in Stonegroup is our commitment and consistency to create long-term value and impression for our shareholders, business partners, and employees through sound and visionary leadership. It is always our goal to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs thus providing, guiding, showing and demonstrating the enthusiasm and drive they can hold onto to fulfill their dreams. With a mission that provides hope, Stonegroup also focuses on enhancing human potential and encourages the continuous and endless growth that is supported by strong reliability and integrity.

Core Value

The company’s core value consists of the true understanding of wisdom along with a strong set of value that resonates with our clients. We aim to be the leader in the industry, striving for transparency, independence and fairness. Establishing close relations with our investors via any means and approaches regardless whether online, offline or both is what we hold true to our heart.